9 Cleaning Hacks to Help Keep Your Home Spotless


Cleaning is one of those mundane tasks that we can often simply despise doing – especially when it can prove to be long, drawn-out and tedious.

Not all cleaning has to be tedious, though. You may be surprised that sometimes it can be fun. Not to mention inspiring when you stumble on a “cleaning hack” – or, in other words – a quicker way to do things with less effort required. Something that everyone can appreciate!

Here are some of the best cleaning hacks that could help keep your home spotless while saving you time to spend on things you’d much rather be doing. Continue reading

Finsa Features at Surface Design Show in London and Santiago Workshop

Mix Trend wallThe Finsa Global Colour Research team have presented their colour trend themes for Spring/Summer 2015 at the Mix Magazine Surface Design Show in London.

Held at the Business Design Centre in Islington, the event is now in its eleventh edition and has really established itself as a high-quality forum for architects and interior designers to network, share ideas and discover new materials.

One of the most popular features at the event is always the Mix Trend wall, an exciting and inspirational display of real material samples, colour palettes and images that give insight into future trend concepts.

Glade and Aura were the highlight themes of this year’s show.

Using a collection of samples the designs, stories were brought to life demonstrating a diverse application to surface and material design.

Natural texture was a key driver in “Glade”, with arid effects translated into calming pattern and colour ways using carpeting. The soft flooring perfectly complemented solid colour laminates we offer at Finsa.

The second story brought to life was “Aura,” which saw iridescent effects blend with ethereal light tones dominating hard surfaces, while a more urban element inspired moodier dark colours in carpeting.

This mixture of light and dark was given a real identity through the samples sourced, inspiring visitors to approach colour and material in a much more dynamic way.

Caqui for the “Glade” theme and Nube Pink, Nube Blue, Nube Green, and Eolo for the “Aura” theme were Finsa’s contributions to the Mix Trend wall from their Trendbook Spring-Summer 2014 collection.

The Trendbook is the latest collection of laminates designs by the Finsa Group, inspiring the latest additions to the Finsahome range of Kitchens and Laminate Flooring.

The event in London was just one of many appearances by Finsa at shows around Europe in 2014.

Over 60 architects and designers attended the III Finsa Workshop ‘Destination: Trends’ at the iconic City of Culture in Santiago, Spain.

This award winning architectural setting was the perfect stage to showcase the latest Finsa trends in interior decoration, including; Industrial & Raw, Hidden Luxury, Greing Being and Vintage Attitude.

The white canvas of this magnificent museum environment at the City of Culture inspired a journey trough architecture, interior decorating, building materials, finishes and textures that all attendants to the event much celebrated through the four proposals in the Finsa Trendbook of decorative surfaces.

8 Gadgets That Your Kitchen Must Have

There’s something cool about gadgets in the home.

Kitchen gadgets specifically seem to capture the imagination more than any other room in the house.

Maybe it’s the fact that they can make even the most mundane job exciting? Or is it that they can help to make those tricky and time consuming tasks just that little bit easier?

Whatever the reason, here’s a look at some of the most interesting, as well as the most functional products on the market for the most important room in your home.

1. Meat Carving Rack

Meat slicer

Make one of the most tricky jobs easy next time you have a roast thanks to this easy to use device. Simply clamp the rack over the joint of meet and slice between the protective metal spacers for a perfectly even cut.

 2. Corner Cutting Board

Corner cutting board

Here’s a handy chopping board that really does cut corners in order to help you maximise all the space in your kitchen.

3. iPad Fridge Magnet

Ipad Fridge Magnet

Watch TV, chat with friends or even look up the latest recipes safely with this fridge magnet holder for your tablet.

4. Muliti Layer Oven Shelf

Oven wrack

Utilise all your oven space, as well as making life easier when it comes to Christmas dinner and family meals with a three tiered oven rack. Enabling you to cook one, two or three things at a time; you’ll no longer have to spin plates (or should that be juggle dishes?) to keep everything warm.

5. See Through Toaster



No need to guess when your toast is done perfectly thanks to this great invention, which allows you to see clearly when it’s done – just how you like it.

 6. Sauce Stirrer 


There will be no more burnt gravy when you go to answer the phone with this smart invention that does all the elbow work for you. Rotating slowly thanks to a battery powered motor the device frees you up to work on your other culinary creations.

7. Hot Dog Maker

Hot dog2


Combine two jobs into one with a toaster that not only grills the bread but cooks the sausage too – what could be simpler?

8. Automatic Cheese Grater

Automatic Cheese grater

No need to skin your knuckles again with this battery powered, automatic cheese grater. Simply place the cheese in the top and this handy gadget grates it for you with minimum effort.

Finsa Home sponsor Wirral Landlords Forum

blog1Finsa Home sponsored Thursday’s Landlords Forum organised by the Landlord Accreditation Scheme of Wirral Council.

The event, introduced by George Davies – Wirral’s Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods Housing and Engagement – ran a number of seminars to update local landlords on changes in legislation on Housing Standards and on dealings with difficult tenants.

Mr Davies highlighted the ongoing work of the council, monitoring housing standards when it comes to rented accommodation.

He shared his worry on recent survey figures showing that one third of tenant-occupied properties fail to meet the basic housing standards requirements as per The Housing Act 2004. That’s compared to one fifth of owner-occupied properties.

The accreditation scheme is an important tool to help landlords manage their property portfolio while raising the quality of accommodation provided in their rented properties.

Paul Jackson, Wirral Council housing standards leader brought the best news to all landlords attending the event when he confirmed the council can now award grants of up to £3,000 to landlords with empty properties.

But many landlords were keen to raise their concerns about the lack of support from the council when dealing with “bad tenants,” and the fact that current Government policy does not protect landlords by paying housing benefits directly to tenants, something which Wayne Tsoi from the Housing Options Team at Wirral Council was able to offer help and advice.

Mr Jackson also explained the council’s plans for a Selective Licensing Scheme to be introduced in 2015

It is expected to cover particular areas in Wirral with specific needs in terms of tougher control on housing standards. The scheme, which has already been tested in other parts of the country with mixed success, will implement a license requirement for all landlords wishing to rent properties in that area.

It is hoped that the licensing scheme will bring better control on rented accommodation in those particular areas within the borough where specific needs have been identified.

At the event Finsa Home introduced their much celebrated Excellence Kitchen Bundle to the landlords present; including an 8 unit kitchen bundle set from £399.99 specially designed for rented properties, as well as a top quality gloss kitchen at the most affordable price available to the trade and landlords.

The 17 New Kitchen Designs now available In-Store at Finsa Home also offer a wide choice of options for landlords, with trade prices starting from just £550 for 9 Unit Kitchens.

See our range of kitchens and flooring online at http://www.finsahome.co.uk or visit our stores in Merseyside and the West Midlands for our special trade prices.

10 Things Your Home Should do in 2014

home3Losing weight, giving up smoking, finding a new job; sick of the same old resolutions every time January comes round?

Well, why not think of your home for once when planning ahead for the New Year?

You spend most of life there, so now is the time to look around you and decide on those little changes that might just make a big impact on your living space.

So think a little closer to home and consider these resolutions for 2014 and beyond. Continue reading

The Home of Tomorrow; Today [Infographic]

Technology has changed the way we go about our daily lives.

iPods for when we are going for a run, Kindles for the commute to work and, of course, the smartphone for staying in touch with friends and keeping up to date with pretty much everything else.

We carry around so much digital capability when we’re on the go; it’s no real surprise that we now demand the same intelligence from our own living space.

But is it asking too much for a few modern day home comforts? Besides, many technological advances have lead to greener and more energy efficient abodes.

From our friends at EuroFit Direct, here are a few inventive ideas that could turn your house into a home fit for the 21st century without breaking the bank, from smart fridges to shower cubicle toilets, Blutooth bathtubs to biometric blinds.


Finsa Open New Birmingham Store

New Store Now Open small bannerFinsa Group is delighted to announce the opening of their latest store in Birmingham.

Finsa Home Birmingham on Lichfield Road offers over 100 sqm of showroom and nearly 1,000 sqm of warehouse space to ensure its extensive range of kitchens and flooring is readily available and in stock.

The Birmingham store will be Finsa’s second in the UK, along with their existing outlet in Birkenhead on Merseyside. Continue reading

Looking for Creative Inspiration? Five Online Resources for DIY Enthusiasts

finsablogimageIf, like me, you are sick of nosey neighbours giving you advice every time you try and do a few home improvements – or you’ve had enough of those expensive magazines that don’t actually give you any decent information and just want to sell you stuff.

Well, there’s an easier and cheaper solution out there for all your DIY and home improvement requirements.

Tear up the costly magazines and keep your door firmly locked as now you can have all the advice and information you need at your fingertips thanks to a host of material to be found online.

So whether you’re looking to liven up your lounge or clean-up in the kitchen, there’s bound to be a website – or an app – for all your design needs.

Here are the select few that you ought to have bookmarked or earmarked on the App Store. Continue reading

Texture and Colour on the Agenda at KBB 2014

IMG-20140304-01354The UK’s largest gathering of some of the best kitchen, bedroom and bathroom brands from around the world opened on Sunday as The Kitchen Bedroom and Bathroom exhibition came to Birmingham’s NEC.

This is the industry’s opportunity to show off new offerings and innovations for the year ahead as thousands of new products go on show.

With over 300 brands, manufacturers and suppliers, KBB Birmingham is the place to source the very latest new products, new technologies and stunning new ranges from furniture, appliances and accessories to components and surfaces.

Those attending couldn’t have failed to notice that pastel colours remain one of the trendiest options for kitchen designs, with shades of grey, olive green and sand colours also essential for a modern and contemporary look.

But it’s not just colours that make a kitchen; it’s texture and feel too. A point that the many designers in attendance were keen to discuss.

Designers Paul O’Brien and Diane Berry spoke about the challenges they face in front of an enthusiastic crowd at the seminar theatre.

Among the many topics discussed, they highlighted texture as one of the most significant innovations over the last few years – particularly when it comes to kitchen doors and worktops.

Innovative textures such as the rippled effect on Finsahome Chamonix doors and Cervino doors certainly can create that added luxury feeling in contemporary kitchens and remain popular.

Along with physical and visual elements, the panel also discussed how technology is playing a part in the way kitchens look today.

They agreed that the impact of new technologies and even social media on the kitchen designing industry, allows designers to share experiences and get inspiration from style networks around the world.

13 Space Saving Hacks Your Home Needs

If there’s one thing about the home that we all tend to have a problem with it’s space.

Somehow, some way, there’s never enough space. All that clutter; shoes, clothes, pots, pans, the kids’ toys, you name it, it’s likely to be lying around and disturbing the otherwise spotless appearance of a room.

That’s why many people are now paying attention to what they call “space saving hacks“. These clever ideas, storage solutions or just pieces of common sense can go a long way to making your home a greater place to live.

And you know what they say. Tidy room, tidy mind.

So, without further deliberation, here are some of our favourite space saving hacks.

1. Storage drawers in the stairs

Continue reading